Become a Twitch Partner by Using Twitch Viewer Bot

Become a Twitch Partner by Using Twitch Viewer Bot

Before discussing the advantages of using Twitch Viewer Bot, let’s take a closer look first on the benefits of becoming a twitch partner.

When you become a Twitch Partner you can gain access to an exclusive group of video game broadcasters, teams, personalities, tournaments, and leagues. If you are into the business of gaming, or you just love a good game, and you want to connect with your fellow gamers, then you should certainly establish partnership with Twitch.

Three Primary Features Accessible to Twitch Partners

Once you become a Twitch Partner, you can have the access to the following features: monetization, channel subscriptions, and broadcast delay.

Through monetization, you can make money by earning a share of the profit generated from the broadcasts on your channel. You can also make money through channel subscriptions. The viewers can buy a monthly subscription to your channel, and they will receive perks like customized emoticons, chat badges, and exclusive access to chat rooms for members. Meanwhile, the delay in broadcast allows you to delay the broadcast for up to 15 minutes to ensure fairness during a competitive game.

Requirements for Twitch Partnership

Before you can qualify to become a Twitch Partner, you need to fulfill three main requirements. First, gain an average of 500 daily viewers. Take note that this should be a daily average and not just a one-time high peak. Second, schedule a regular broadcast (at least three times a week). Third, develop content that can conform to the Twitch Terms of Service as well as the guidelines stipulated by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Newcomers who have already uploaded pre-recorded video on other online platforms such as YouTube, they can still become partners if they have 15,000+ average views per video, 100,000+ subscribers, and their content conforms to the Twitch Terms of Service as well as DMCA Guidelines.

Twitch is also open to individuals who have not created videos before but have the potential to entice a lot of viewers. They can still apply, but they should tell Twitch about their presence in the gaming community. This also includes other factors that would make the person a potential partner such as having a large number of followers on Twitter, or has been a very competitive player in a particular game. Twitch has been developed to find high-quality gaming content, so it is open to individuals who can provide good content.

Advantage of Using Twitch Viewer Bot

As discussed above, one of the requirements to become a Twitch Partner is to garner a certain number of followers and viewers. If you are not popular, it will be extra difficult to entice viewers to follow you or subscribe into your channel. Generating organic traffic is often difficult and it would take countless hours just to entice steady stream of viewers. Fortunately, the Twitch Viewer Bot has been created for the special purpose of getting viewers to your channel. All you need to do is to subscribe to a monthly plan, create premium-quality gaming content, and work your way up to become a Twitch Partner in less than a year.