Get Large Following with Twitch Viewer Bot

Get Large Following with Twitch Viewer Bot

Twitch Viewer Bot guarantees its customers that they could be eligible for the Twitch Partners Program in less time than their counterparts. In essence, this is a service wherein a channel in the website would initially garner a considerable number of viewers. This process of gathering a huge viewership is done through ‘bot viewers’.

Actually, bot viewers are accounts that are controlled by computers. They could view and follow a particular caster. They even look like safe and normal accounts – they could chat and talk to other viewers. These bot viewers are robots, and their aim is to provide a substantial amount of viewership to a particular channel. In the end, the caster would become qualified for the Twitch Partners Program.

Our ultimate tw itch bot features several packages – the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum packages. In each of these already include viewers, chatters and followers. The Bronze has 50 (fifty) viewers and chatters, Silver has 100 (one hundred), Gold has 200 (two hundred) and Platinum has 300 (three hundred). The user could choose the number of bot viewers that would view each of his broadcast. These bot viewers would show up on the caster’s viewer list. Each package also includes a 24/7 customer support and proxies. As to monthly fees, the Bronze costs $19.90, Silver $39.90, Gold $59.90 and Platinum $69.90.

Due to the popularity of these bot viewers, had made it more difficult to generate viewership through this method. However, the Twitch Bot had likewise developed and improved its bot viewers, in a way that they would not look suspicious and mechanical. While most service providers have bot viewer that are obviously automated, the Twitch Viewer Bots act as natural as real people.

The bot viewers could also chat with the caster and with other users. By doing so, they would be above suspicion and would not look automated. The caster could also easily customize their messages, by editing a word file and then uploading it on the web panel. To put it simply, these bot viewers and chatters are seemingly real and normal accounts.

Also, the Twitch Bot features twitch follower bots. Casters who lack followers would simply add followers to their channel, as many as they desire. Currently, up to not more than 200 followers could added up every day. Upon registration, users could use these features unlimitedly.

Lastly, the Twitch Viewer Bot guarantees confidentiality of their customer’s identity. Perhaps, this is the most significant consideration in using bots. Under the terms of service, explicitly prohibits the use of any automated means to access the Twitch website. Otherwise, the caster may be banned. However, the Twitch Viewer Bot likewise explicitly ensures that they use safe, secure and confidential systems. No hacker would have access to their database. Their customers have peace of mind that their identities are well-guarded secrets.

So, if a caster wants to qualify for the Twitch Partners Program in a shorter span of time, and with less effort, the Twitch Viewer Bot would be of immense help.