Satisfaction Guaranteed with Twitch Viewer Bot

Satisfaction Guaranteed with Twitch Viewer Bot

Out of all the numerous bot viewer service providers, perhaps the Twitch Viewer Bot is one of the best. Basically, it allows casters in the live streaming platform to generate a huge number of followers and viewers. This is done through computer programmed and controlled accounts.      

They are robots in a sense – they would follow, chat and view channels by themselves. They would act like real and normal people. Through this considerable number of initial viewers and followers, more viewers and followers– which are now actual people – would then subscribe to the caster. Because of this large viewership, the caster would then be qualified to the Twitch Partners Program.

The Twitch Partners Program basically entitles a caster to a percentage in the revenue generated for each broadcast. currently has around 40 million viewers worldwide, and is one of the top sources of internet traffic during peak hours. Because of this tremendous viewership and huge audience, there is a substantial amount revenues derived from every advertisement. Thus, Twitch Partners would be receiving not a pittance of a profit from doing what they love.

The goal of the twitch view botting is to help a starting account acquire enough viewership and following, and in so doing, the caster would be eligible to the Twitch Partners Program. As of this moment, the Twitch Viewer Bot has served approximately a thousand satisfied clients, and around 300 of those have become Twitch partners.

Admittedly, has become more assiduous and has exerted more effort in detecting and banning these bot viewers. Generating huge viewership using bots has become more difficult than it was before. However, likewise, the Twitch Viewer Bot has improved its program. Its bot viewers would act, feel and look like normal accounts. would have difficulty in detecting these bots.

Here are some of the testimonials of some of the satisfied customers. One client claimed that he has tried other bot viewers, and that the Twitch Bot is the most stable and best service provider. Another customer praised the friendly and round-the-clock customer support hotline. On the other hand, one client had purchased around 50 bot viewers. By doing so, his channel went up to the top list, and allowed to gain more visibility in the listings. Another customer has had his stream viewership skyrocketed that he could believe it. Lastly, and perhaps the most important, not one of the clients reported that they had had any issues and problems in using the web panel.

The Twitch Bot Viewer offers several packages, depending on the amount of artificial viewers and followers. The Platinum, at $69.90 per month, offers 300 viewers and chatters; the Gold, at $59.90, offers 200; the Silver, at $39.90, offers 100; while the Bronze, at $19.90, offers 50. The customer could determine the number of bot viewers that would want for each broadcast.

Also, the caster may use Twitch Viewer Bot’s unlimited followers. He could add up to not more than 200 followers to his stream every day. As of the moment, there are approximately 8,000 accounts in stock.