How to Partner with Twitch By Using the Twitch Viewer Bot

How to Partner with Twitch By Using the Twitch Viewer Bot

Establishing partnership with may bring you a lot of business success that goes along with massive income stream. But this great reward requires a lot of hard work including internet marketing skills.

The first thing you need to do is to create a YouTube account and a Twitter account. With these social media platforms, you can project a legit image that can help you attract new viewers. At the same time, you must also consider attracting viewers to these pages. But how can you do this? Using Twitch Viewer Bot is recommended. The amazing Web Panel can drive thousands of legit viewers directly to your online accounts.

By using an effective tool such as the Viewer Bot, you can ditch away the need to spend countless hours in building organic followers. By investing a small cash for social media services, you can easily entice new viewers, earn more likes, receive more comments, and convert more subscribers. If you want to boost your Twitter account, you need get a lot of twitch followers. Even social media experts require a lot of hours to gain organic followers. But with the help of specialized software, you can attract thousands of followers to your account every day.

Once you gain genuine traffic back to your YouTube and Twitter accounts, you can easily achieve your goals. Hence, it’s time to select one service package offered by Twitch View Bot Regardless of your budget, the company can perfectly provide your needs. Once you select and sign up for the services, you can easily start generating viewers, followers, and chatters to your Twitch page. Through this, you can improve your Twitch ranking in just several months. 

By using the Twitch Viewer Bot Panel, you can easily select the number of viewers that you require. After signing up and you have chosen the package, you can instantly use the Web Panel. Take note that the viewers generated by the Viewer Bot will also be shown in the viewer list.

When you become popular in the community, Twitch will notice you and they will soon offer partnership. With this, you can reap of the benefits. As a Twitch Partner, you can take advantage of the following remarkable features:

  • Monetization - Earn a share of the profit generated from the broadcasts you have made through your channel
  • Subscriptions - You can earn added profit through subscriptions to your channel. Using this feature, viewers can buy a monthly subscription to your channel to receive perks like customized emoticons, customized chat badge, access to exclusive chat rooms, and many more.
  • Broadcast Delay - You can choose to delay your broadcast up to 15 minutes to promote fairness especially during competitive games.

Bear in mind that before you can become a partner of Twitch, you need to achieve an average concurrent viewership of 500 or more. Take note that this is not just a one-time peak, but a daily average. You also need to follow a regular broadcast schedule of at least three times per week, and your content should conform to the DMCA Guidelines and Twitch Terms of Service.

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Become a Twitch Partner by Using Twitch Viewer Bot

Become a Twitch Partner by Using Twitch Viewer Bot

Before discussing the advantages of using Twitch Viewer Bot, let’s take a closer look first on the benefits of becoming a twitch partner.

When you become a Twitch Partner you can gain access to an exclusive group of video game broadcasters, teams, personalities, tournaments, and leagues. If you are into the business of gaming, or you just love a good game, and you want to connect with your fellow gamers, then you should certainly establish partnership with Twitch.

Three Primary Features Accessible to Twitch Partners

Once you become a Twitch Partner, you can have the access to the following features: monetization, channel subscriptions, and broadcast delay.

Through monetization, you can make money by earning a share of the profit generated from the broadcasts on your channel. You can also make money through channel subscriptions. The viewers can buy a monthly subscription to your channel, and they will receive perks like customized emoticons, chat badges, and exclusive access to chat rooms for members. Meanwhile, the delay in broadcast allows you to delay the broadcast for up to 15 minutes to ensure fairness during a competitive game.

Requirements for Twitch Partnership

Before you can qualify to become a Twitch Partner, you need to fulfill three main requirements. First, gain an average of 500 daily viewers. Take note that this should be a daily average and not just a one-time high peak. Second, schedule a regular broadcast (at least three times a week). Third, develop content that can conform to the Twitch Terms of Service as well as the guidelines stipulated by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Newcomers who have already uploaded pre-recorded video on other online platforms such as YouTube, they can still become partners if they have 15,000+ average views per video, 100,000+ subscribers, and their content conforms to the Twitch Terms of Service as well as DMCA Guidelines.

Twitch is also open to individuals who have not created videos before but have the potential to entice a lot of viewers. They can still apply, but they should tell Twitch about their presence in the gaming community. This also includes other factors that would make the person a potential partner such as having a large number of followers on Twitter, or has been a very competitive player in a particular game. Twitch has been developed to find high-quality gaming content, so it is open to individuals who can provide good content.

Advantage of Using Twitch Viewer Bot

As discussed above, one of the requirements to become a Twitch Partner is to garner a certain number of followers and viewers. If you are not popular, it will be extra difficult to entice viewers to follow you or subscribe into your channel. Generating organic traffic is often difficult and it would take countless hours just to entice steady stream of viewers. Fortunately, the Twitch Viewer Bot has been created for the special purpose of getting viewers to your channel. All you need to do is to subscribe to a monthly plan, create premium-quality gaming content, and work your way up to become a Twitch Partner in less than a year.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Use Twitch Viewer Bot

10 Reasons Why You Should Use Twitch Viewer Bot

The Twitch Viewer Bot is a revolutionary online system designed for individuals and businesses in the gaming industry who want to reach to more viewers and gain more subscribers. Twitch has become a very dynamic and highly-competitive community for many players in the industry. In order to become competitive, you need gain more followers, viewers, and subscribers. This is where the Viewer Bot becomes helpful, and there are 10 reasons why you should use this online tool.

  1. Direct Reach to Your Target Market

        Online marketing, even in a specific gaming niche, can be very difficult, because it can be impossible to tap a specific market. Twitch Viewer Bot offers direct access to a target market. It will then monitor and generate followers for the streaming account, working your way up to be included in the Top Live Channels.

2. Decide On the Number of Viewers You Need

The Viewer Both Web Panel allows you to choose the number of viewers that you want for your channel. After you sign up and you have decided on a certain package, the Web Panel will be accessible.

3. Chat Bot Feature

With Viewer Bot’s updated web panel, you can add genuine-looking viewers to your channel with the option of allowing them to send a message if necessary. You can change the content of the chat message by editing a txt file and uploading it to the Panel.

4. Add Unlimited Followers

With the Twitch Follower Bot feature, you can add unlimited followers. It is possible to add up to 200 followers every day to your live stream without extra charge and without limits. All you need to do is to buy monthly plans from us and take advantage of the amazing features that allows you to add as many followers that you want.

5. Establish Partnership with Twitch in Shorter Time

Many users of the viewer bot have been able to forge partnership with Twitch in only several months. Once you register for the monthly plans, you will gain access to tools as well as strategies that will all help you to update your status as partner.

6. Complete Anonymity

The Viewer Bot has updated its system to provide totally safe and genuine-looking viewers, followers, and subscribers. Providing anonymity is actually very crucial for the company, and it has the record of always trying to give its best in the gaming industry. The people working behind the system make certain that every customer is protected. That’s why the company guarantees 100% safety in using their services.

7. No Limit in Usage

It is completely up to you on how regularly you want to use the Twitch Viewer Bot. With high-quality proprietary system and secure backend, you can use effective tools to help you achieve your goals.

With the reasons discussed above, there’s no reason for you not to try the Viewer Bot for your Twitch channel. Subscribe today to gain instant access as well as avail of value added services such as 24/7 customer service and money-back guarantee.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed with Twitch Viewer Bot

Satisfaction Guaranteed with Twitch Viewer Bot

Out of all the numerous bot viewer service providers, perhaps the Twitch Viewer Bot is one of the best. Basically, it allows casters in the live streaming platform to generate a huge number of followers and viewers. This is done through computer programmed and controlled accounts.      

They are robots in a sense – they would follow, chat and view channels by themselves. They would act like real and normal people. Through this considerable number of initial viewers and followers, more viewers and followers– which are now actual people – would then subscribe to the caster. Because of this large viewership, the caster would then be qualified to the Twitch Partners Program.

The Twitch Partners Program basically entitles a caster to a percentage in the revenue generated for each broadcast. currently has around 40 million viewers worldwide, and is one of the top sources of internet traffic during peak hours. Because of this tremendous viewership and huge audience, there is a substantial amount revenues derived from every advertisement. Thus, Twitch Partners would be receiving not a pittance of a profit from doing what they love.

The goal of the twitch view botting is to help a starting account acquire enough viewership and following, and in so doing, the caster would be eligible to the Twitch Partners Program. As of this moment, the Twitch Viewer Bot has served approximately a thousand satisfied clients, and around 300 of those have become Twitch partners.

Admittedly, has become more assiduous and has exerted more effort in detecting and banning these bot viewers. Generating huge viewership using bots has become more difficult than it was before. However, likewise, the Twitch Viewer Bot has improved its program. Its bot viewers would act, feel and look like normal accounts. would have difficulty in detecting these bots.

Here are some of the testimonials of some of the satisfied customers. One client claimed that he has tried other bot viewers, and that the Twitch Bot is the most stable and best service provider. Another customer praised the friendly and round-the-clock customer support hotline. On the other hand, one client had purchased around 50 bot viewers. By doing so, his channel went up to the top list, and allowed to gain more visibility in the listings. Another customer has had his stream viewership skyrocketed that he could believe it. Lastly, and perhaps the most important, not one of the clients reported that they had had any issues and problems in using the web panel.

The Twitch Bot Viewer offers several packages, depending on the amount of artificial viewers and followers. The Platinum, at $69.90 per month, offers 300 viewers and chatters; the Gold, at $59.90, offers 200; the Silver, at $39.90, offers 100; while the Bronze, at $19.90, offers 50. The customer could determine the number of bot viewers that would want for each broadcast.

Also, the caster may use Twitch Viewer Bot’s unlimited followers. He could add up to not more than 200 followers to his stream every day. As of the moment, there are approximately 8,000 accounts in stock.

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Get Large Following with Twitch Viewer Bot

Get Large Following with Twitch Viewer Bot

Twitch Viewer Bot guarantees its customers that they could be eligible for the Twitch Partners Program in less time than their counterparts. In essence, this is a service wherein a channel in the website would initially garner a considerable number of viewers. This process of gathering a huge viewership is done through ‘bot viewers’.

Actually, bot viewers are accounts that are controlled by computers. They could view and follow a particular caster. They even look like safe and normal accounts – they could chat and talk to other viewers. These bot viewers are robots, and their aim is to provide a substantial amount of viewership to a particular channel. In the end, the caster would become qualified for the Twitch Partners Program.

Our ultimate tw itch bot features several packages – the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum packages. In each of these already include viewers, chatters and followers. The Bronze has 50 (fifty) viewers and chatters, Silver has 100 (one hundred), Gold has 200 (two hundred) and Platinum has 300 (three hundred). The user could choose the number of bot viewers that would view each of his broadcast. These bot viewers would show up on the caster’s viewer list. Each package also includes a 24/7 customer support and proxies. As to monthly fees, the Bronze costs $19.90, Silver $39.90, Gold $59.90 and Platinum $69.90.

Due to the popularity of these bot viewers, had made it more difficult to generate viewership through this method. However, the Twitch Bot had likewise developed and improved its bot viewers, in a way that they would not look suspicious and mechanical. While most service providers have bot viewer that are obviously automated, the Twitch Viewer Bots act as natural as real people.

The bot viewers could also chat with the caster and with other users. By doing so, they would be above suspicion and would not look automated. The caster could also easily customize their messages, by editing a word file and then uploading it on the web panel. To put it simply, these bot viewers and chatters are seemingly real and normal accounts.

Also, the Twitch Bot features twitch follower bots. Casters who lack followers would simply add followers to their channel, as many as they desire. Currently, up to not more than 200 followers could added up every day. Upon registration, users could use these features unlimitedly.

Lastly, the Twitch Viewer Bot guarantees confidentiality of their customer’s identity. Perhaps, this is the most significant consideration in using bots. Under the terms of service, explicitly prohibits the use of any automated means to access the Twitch website. Otherwise, the caster may be banned. However, the Twitch Viewer Bot likewise explicitly ensures that they use safe, secure and confidential systems. No hacker would have access to their database. Their customers have peace of mind that their identities are well-guarded secrets.

So, if a caster wants to qualify for the Twitch Partners Program in a shorter span of time, and with less effort, the Twitch Viewer Bot would be of immense help.

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